Pretty Gritty City


The Gallery of The Prince’s Drawing School recently hosted a show of  three of our Alumni, Sophie Charalambous, William Stevens,  and Asya Lukin who studied on The Drawing Year postgraduate programme in 2007 and 2009. The show brings together the recent work of these young artists who use their native cities as a subject. This is the first in a series of exhibitions showcasing the work of Drawing Year alumni and what they go on to do as practising fine artists.

The exhibition showed paintings and drawings of London, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The artists all work from life, drawing regularly in the street to record details of the shifting urban environments around them. Back in the studio, these drawings are developed into larger and more ambitious pieces, sometimes incorporating imaginary elements. As well as developing their skills in observational drawing, studying on The Drawing Year fostered a sense of artistic lineage in the three, introducing them to the work of artists who have used The Metropolis as a theme: Goya, early Ensor, Carel Weight and the young Jock McFadyen.



At the private view

William Stevens




You can contact William via email.

Asya Lukin




You can see more of Asya’s work at her website.

Sophie Charalambous



Alms House low res

You can see more of Sophie’s work at her website.

We will be interviewing the three artists over the next few weeks to find out more about their influences and working practices, so stay tuned for more posts!


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