The Prince’s Drawing School’s Residency in India


Street in old Delhi, drawing by Jonathan Farr

For several years alumni of The Drawing Year postgraduate programme have been given the opportunity to travel to India and take up a residency at The International Institute of Fine Arts in Modinagar, a large town 40km North east of Delhi. For ten weeks the artists also lead classes at the school, which supplement the Foundation, Fine Art or Painting courses taught there. When not teaching, the artists work in studios near the school, or explore and draw or paint in the surrounding area, and often stay after teaching to travel and draw. Currently four artists are on the residency and have sent us a few snaps of what they’ve been up to so far.


A life drawing session for Painting students


Themes included posture, facial expression,  foreshortening and movement


A key part of the classes was reviewing and learning from each others’ work at the end of the session.

jfarrsktchbk2  jfarrsktchbk1

Sketchbook drawings of old Delhi by Jonathan Farr


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