The New Fine Art Foundation Course


In September 2012 The Prince’s Drawing School launched its New Fine Art Foundation Course at Trinity Buoy Wharf in the up-and-coming Docklands area of East London. As many of our first students prepare to progress to BA degrees in Fine Art, Illustration, Graphic Design, Film and other creative industries, we are on the hunt for next year’s intake. Applications are due by 15th February, followed by a request for portfolio submission.

Skills-based teaching is at the heart of the programme, and students attend workshops, classes and study trips four days a week addressing different media including painting, sculpture, printmaking and animation, alongside an art historical component. Throughout the year drawing from observation remains a core element of the course and takes place each week in the studio, around London, and in galleries, to supplement project work and independent study.

“I thrive on the environment here. Being surrounded by those whose chief concern is to create has resulted in the most accepting and inspiring learning environment I’ve ever encountered.” (A 2012-13 NFAFC Student)

Since it began last autumn, the course has developed into a tight-knit community. The intake is limited to just 25 students each year, which results in a high tutor to student ratio as well as a strong fellowship between students and tutors, who are all practising artists themselves. This means that a tutor is always on hand in the studio, even as students move into their own spaces this term to begin independent projects.


Each student has their own space at the programme’s studio at Trinity Buoy Wharf, East London

The programme is led by Gethin Evans and Sharon Beavan who are hugely experienced in Foundation level teaching at leading London art schools. Many of the tutors are alumni of The Prince’s Drawing School’s postgraduate-level Drawing Year.

The course is free for students aged 18 and 19 and there are some means-tested bursaries available for over-19s. If you, or someone you know, is interested in applying, further information and an application form is available at



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