Artist of the Day at Flowers Gallery

Every year for the past 30 years Flowers Gallery has hosted a rotating exhibition of up-and-coming contemporary artists, Artist of the Day, over two weeks. Each artist is selected by an established artist for a one-person show for one day only. With one generation highlighting the emerging work of the next, the curatorial role is taken out of the hands of the gallery, leading to an unpredictable mixture of styles and mediums, and a wonderful opportunity to discover and collect new work. Three of the ten artists chosen for this year’s shows are alumni and students of The Drawing Year, The Prince’s Drawing School’s postgraduate programme.

Jessie Makinson (Wednesday 26th June 2013)

Jessie completed The Drawing Year in 2012, after studying Drawing and Painting at Edinburgh College of Art. She was selected as an Artist of the Day by painter Catherine Goodman, Artistic Director of The Prince’s Drawing School. You can see more of Jessie’s work on her blog.

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at 11.14.24

jessie 1

Clara Drummond (Thursday 27th June 2013)

Clara’s paintings and drawings reflect her fascination with nature and narrative. Several pieces are based on Pisanello’s famous painting of St Eustace in The National Gallery. Clara completed The Drawing Year in 2004-2005 and also works as a portrait painter, with one of her paintings recently selected for The National Portrait Gallery BP Portrait Prize. She remains involved with the School as an alumni tutor and is teaching a Thursday evening class The Contemporary Portrait: Drawing and Painting with Sophie Charalambous from September at our Sydney Close Studios. You can see more of her work at her website

She was selected for the exhibition by Ishbel Myerscough, BP Portrait Award Winner and a fellow tutor at The Prince’s Drawing School, whose evening class Drawing a Head: Expression & Colour begins in September.




Laura Footes (Thursday 4th July 2013)

Laura is a student on the current Drawing Year 2012-13. Before moving to London to study at The Prince’s Drawing School Laura studied at the Université de Paris-Sorbonne. She was selected for the show by painter Celia Paul, a visiting tutor and guest lecturer for The Drawing Year programme.

Memory of the Orchestra Syrian War Casualties
Artist of the Day is on at Flowers Central at 21 Cork Street is open Monday-Friday 10am -7pm and Saturday 10am-6pm.

For more information click here


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